Jacobs Aquatic Center General Rules


  • No running, no diving, and no horseplay.
  • Guests must abide by all posted rules and regulations.
  •  Glass, fast food, and alcohol are prohibited. Wagons containing food is a $120.00 fee.
  • No outside food will be permitted unless a cooler fee has been paid. Any Bag, basket, container, backpack, or towels with food is subject to a cooler fee.
  • Adult supervision is required at all times. Children 12 years and younger must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older at a maximum of 2 children (non-swimmers) per 1 adult ratio.
  • Re-entry is permitted with proof of valid admission receipt or wristband if capacity has not been reached.
  • Jacobs Aquatic Center is a family-friendly facility. Inappropriate behavior, language, or attire are not permitted and will be grounds for refusing admission or removal from the facility without a refund.
  • No animals allowed unless service animals. No emotional support animals allowed.
  • Jacobs Aquatic Center is a drug-free and tobacco-free park. Drug and tobacco items are not permitted in or around the park or parking lot.
  • All guests are required to pay the admission fee, regardless of their intention to use the pools or other attractions.
  • Guests under the age of 18 MUST take a swim test to swim in the competition pool, and to go off diving boards
  • We blow whistles 15 minutes before closing
  • Jacobs Aquatic Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Guests are encouraged to use on-site lockers to store personal items.
  • For guest protection, the use of recording devices (cameras, video cameras, and/or cell phones) is strictly prohibited in locker room areas and restrooms.

Dress Code

  • Traditional swimwear is required. Provocative attire, street clothes, cut-offs, basketball shorts, gym clothes, and clothing with rivets, snaps, buttons, belts, or metal ornamentation are not permitted.
  • Swim diapers (disposable swim diapers or plastic pants) are required for all diapered guests.
  • Outside flotation devices (water wings, inflatable tubes, etc.) are not permitted. Life vests are allowed if Coast Guard Approved.

Health and Safety

  • All guests must shower before entering the water.
  • Guests that have experienced stomach and/or intestinal illness within the past two weeks should not enter the water.
  • Guests with open wounds or bandages will not be permitted to enter the water.
  • Guests are required to wash their hands after using the restroom and/or after changing a diaper.
  • Diaper changing on or around the pool deck is not permitted.
  • Do not drink water from any pools or attractions. Drinking fountains are available for water consumption.
  • We do not provide life jackets. However you can bring your own as long as they are US COAST GUARD APPROVED.

Inclement Weather?

  • Jacobs Aquatic Center may close or suspend operations due to rain, electrical storms, high winds and other severe weather conditions. As soon as conditions permit safe operations, the park will re-open.
  • Refunds will not be issued for weather-related conditions, emergencies or closures.